Freshmade provides custom music and audio services for advertising, apps, film, games, the internet and TV. Whether you’re looking for a composer to create a custom music track for your ad, app or game, or a composer for your next TV series, Freshmade can help you.

To learn more about pricing packages and to see whether Freshmade is a good fit for your project, contact Jerome at: info @ freshmademusic .com (no spaces) or (415) 326-5210.

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What’s the next step?

When you contact Freshmade, Jerome will want to know everything about your project in order to figure out how to develop a plan for delivering the best sounding music and audio that will make your project as successful as possible.

Check out this blog article about the process of choosing a composer “How do you find and choose a composer to work with for your video, ad, app, film, game or TV show?”