Keyshawn Solves It

I’m so excited that all of the episodes from Keyshawn Solves It are now available, wherever you like to listen to podcasts, and maybe more importantly, wherever you like to listen to podcasts with your kids, including PBS Kids, YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.

I composed the mystery hip hop score and theme song. Created by Ed Jenkins, the Keyshawn Solves It podcast is an 8-episode serialized mystery about a 10-year-old African-American boy who inherits a set of keys that can unlock almost any door. With help from his friend Kiki, Keyshawn uses these keys to help solve the mystery of disappearing bikes in his North Minneapolis neighborhood, ensuring that his community’s Juneteenth bike parade can go on. Listeners will be introduced to Juneteenth and its origins, as well as to social-emotional “keys to success” such as resilience, self-worth, and responsibility. Geared to children 5-9, Keyshawn Solves It is produced by GBH Kids and distributed by PRX and PBS Kids with funding made possible in part by Black Public Media.