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TV & Webshows
Temptation Island (USA)
The Challenge (MTV)
The F-Word with Gordon Ramsay (FOX)
The Bachelor: Winter Games (ABC)
Exposed with Deborah Norville (Direct TV)
The Bachelor (ABC)
Bachelor In Paradise (ABC)
The Bachelorette (ABC)
Extreme Makeover: Home Addition (ABC)
Happy Tree Friends – Web Episodes #55 – present (currently #85)
Happy Tree Friends TV Series Season #1 (39 episodes) – Mondo Media
The Great Christmas Light Fight (ABC)
Full Circle (Direct TV – Audience Network)
Southern Nights (CMT)
Starting Over – (NBC) (additional music)
Happy Tree Friends and Friends – Mondo Media (theme song)
Happy Tree Friends DVD Volume #4 – Mondo Media

Games and Apps
Originator Kids – MathTango Starbase
Spin Master – PopStream
LeapFrog – LeapTV: Disney Princess Educational, Active Video Game
LeapFrog – Pet Pad Party 2
LeapFrog – All About Feelings!
LeapFrog – Get Ready for Kindergarten: Rocks and Roly Polies
LeapFrog – Get Ready for Kindergarten: T-Rex Science Journey
Happy Tree Friends – Aggravated Asphalt
Happy Tree Friends – Run and Bun, iPhone, Android
Happy Tree Friends – Stay On Target
Happy Tree Friends – Stranded
Happy Tree Friends – On Thin Ice
Happy Tree Friends – Aim to Freeze
Happy Tree Friends – All Flocked Up
Happy Tree Friends – Milk Pong
Happy Tree Friends – Going Overboard
Happy Tree Friends – Hot Potato
Happy Tree Friends – Sugar High
Happy Tree Friends – Tight Rope A Dope
Happy Tree Friends – Disco Inferno
Happy Tree Friends – Fire Escape
Happy Tree Friends – Socks to Be You
Happy Tree Friends – Hare Trigger
Happy Tree Friends – False Alarm, XBLA & PC – Mondo Media/Sega
Zoo Tycoon 2, for PS2 – Microsoft/dSonic (additional music)
Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu special features – Ubisoft (additional engineer)
Community Organizing Toolkit – Studio Kinection (composer and sound designer)
US Navy Training Manual – Studio Kinection (composer and sound designer)
Cisco Training Manual – Studio Kinection (composer and sound designer)
Supercharged – MIT, Kurt Squire, Producer


Verizon Disrupt New York – The Community
Baker McKenzie – SS&K
Fusion Network – SS&K
Wells Fargo, development – SS&K
Samsung – SS&K
Smile Train – SS&K
Tommy John – SS&K
Barack Obama for America – SS&K
About Ongo – Ongo Inc.
Ooma, development – Draftfcb
Tostitos, development – Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Commercial development – Ogilvy & Mather
Photophlow – Oortle
Yahoo Ring tones for Yahoo Messenger – Mondo Media for Yahoo
Karen Neuburger, new product release – Porter Gale, Director
Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu trailer – Ubisoft

Temps – Ryan Sage, Director (additional music)
City of Baseball – C.P. Ralph, Director (additional music)
Stella – Gerry LaBuda, Director
Cleaning Lady – Curtis Lim, Director
40 – Gerry LaBuda, Director
Season of Youth – Eric Perlmutter, Director (additional music)
Out of the Shadows – Porter Gale, Director
Net Loss – Elisabeth James, Director
Parable – Fly Away Home Productions

Holly Mead – Solo Piano (engineer, mixing – recorded at Freshmade)
Marsha Attie, Heneini (piano, accordion)
Cross The Ocean – Holly Mead & I-Yun Chung (engineer, mixing – recorded at Freshmade)
Shir Emanu-El (producer, engineer, piano, accordion)
Sly Cooper 4: Thieves in Time – Sony (accordion)
Sly Cooper 2: Band of Thieves – Sony (accordion)
Nancy Drew Series – Her Interactive (accordion)
Lenka Dusilova – B&M Music – (accordion – received a “Czech Grammy!”)
This Is Oscar Fabulous – Oscar Fabulous (composer, engineer, and pianist)
Sweet Talk – Cotton Candy (mix engineer)
Thomashefsky project – San Francisco Symphony (additional engineer)
The Last Light of Day – Jerome Rossen, solo piano (composer, engineer)
Introducing Spencer Day – Yonus Media (accordion, piano, organ and Rhodes)
Little Jack Melody – My Charmed Life (piano, Hammond organ)

Original Setting of Friday Night Shabbat Service
Bashana Haba’ah, choir and jazz trio Congregation Emanu-El, SF – arranger
Jazz Shabbat, Cantor and jazz trio Congregation Emanu-El, SF – arranger
Paula West and Spencer Day Sterling Performances – arranger, pianist
Bay Area Theater Sports – Musical improviser

Public Speaking/Teaching

Audio Engineering Society (AES), LA 2014 “Music for the Small Screen” – Moderator
AES NYC 2013 – “Music for the Small Screen” – Moderator
Pyramind – Production and Arranging 210 – Teacher
Career Development for Audio Pros – Game Developer’s Conference 2004
Songwriting Workshop – Redwood High School
Blue Bear School of Music – Piano teacher
10 Tips To Make Your Audio Better – eLearning Guild: DevLearn 2005 Conf
Making Your Project Sound Better- eLearning Guild: Online Forum