Featured Music – Math Tango 2: Starbase
I had the great pleasure of working with Originator Kids and Intonic, creating music and sfx for Math Tango 2: Starbase. This math app focuses on multiplication and division with the help of some seriously fun space music; and you get to interact with some really great monsters and robots.

Here are some in-game videos:

Math Tango 2: Starbase – Group Dance

Math Tango 2: Starbase – Main Theme

Math Tango 2: Starbase – Monsters Vs. Robots

Math Tango 2: Starbase – Mecha-Isaac!

Math Tango 2: Starbase – Robot Dance

Songs With Kids By Kids
These songs are written for kids, with kids. The lyrics to this song were written by an entire school, K-5.


Freshmade works closely with advertising agency teams, including copywriters, art directors and producers to create customized music for broadcast, internet and radio spots. Freshmade has worked with SS+K (NYC), Goodby, Silverstein and Partners and Draft FCB. The following videos are an example of Freshmade Music.

Baker McKenzie “Clarity from Chaos”

Obama for America – “For All”

Fusion Network “As American As”

Demo and Development Work

Wells Fargo “Building Better Every Day”